Our story

A powerful duo

Patrick Lauzière and David Préville have made it their mission to reduce GHG emissions and make safer cities. They have developed a technological tool that uses artificial intelligence to synchronize traffic lights and make traffic more fluid.

Today, they are very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​sharing with you their vision to transform urban mobility and create a safer, more economical and less polluting world.

“It’s the whole industry that needs to be rethought.”

Our mission ​​at niosense

Our mission is to reduce unnecessary stops at intersections, resulting in substantial savings in time and money for fleet operators and provide a considerable reduction in pollution.

The Team

A Revolution in Traffic

The founders met on an engineering project to implement counting equipment on a bridge. A few years later the spark that started niosense came when David called Patrick to complain about being constantly stopped at traffic signals on his way to work.

By pushing the analysis a little further, they realized the extent of the economic, environmental and security disaster created by traffic signals that are poorly adapted to the movements of heavy vehicles such as trucks. They then decided to work hard to find an ingenious solution.

Patrick Lauzière


Patrick is an electrical engineer specializing in software and embedded systems. He began his career at Honeywell and developed and implemented several industrial solutions around the world in addition to founding three companies. He is the visionary of niosense and he will stop at nothing to change the face of mobility, globally.

Patrick is proud of the team’s achievement in just two years, to definitively solve a problem that has plagued mobility for decades. niosense not only created the solution, they also set it up in a live environment to achieve clear benefits and make it beneficial for all road users. What’s more, the performance observed is higher than expected.

The quality of the organization’s team and current partners is also a great source of pride for him.


David Préville


David is the operations manager of the group. Both an electrical and computer engineer, he actively contributed to the first cellular network in Quebec and the first mobile video platform in Canada. He thrives on challenges, and with niosense, he found one to match his genius.

Pragmatic and rational, David is still very excited to have succeeded in designing and implementing a solution that really works and that is useful for cities, fleet operators and citizens alike.

Always motivated by the company’s operations, on a daily basis the niosense journey is already worth its weight in gold for him. His dearest wish is that the system can be connected everywhere and help shape the future of mobility.


Derreck Bélair

Lead technological development

Derreck loves the fact that everything can be done (or redone) to improve traffic signals which are today working with archaic and closed systems. Designing the future of mobility was a call that he could not refuse. Building an efficient, dynamic and open system where cohesion, integration and transparency will reign is what gives him the desire to go to work, every morning. Of course, the fact that everyone wins and that this solution has the effect of reducing GHG emissions adds a lot to his motivation.

Holder of a degree as Mechanical Engineering and Computerized Systems technician, Derreck started his career as a developer of embedded systems for connected vehicles. He also contributed to the launch of the first autonomous shuttle on public roads in Canada. At Niosense, he is responsible for the technological development of the company.