How niosense works

For optimal traffic

niosense uses several data sources to interact with traffic signals. Being better synchronized, traffic signals can be adjusted to prevent emergency and unnecessary stops. The result: a significant reduction in pollution in cities and increased safety for all road users

niosense’s solution is open and free for cities and governments. In addition, the system is compatible with most data providers since data sources are augmented by the system, allowing for very high flexibility and universal adaptability.

Synchronization of traffic signals

Any vehicle can be connected and no intervention from the city is necessary.

Smoother traffic

Synchronizing traffic lights means no more sudden, urgent and unnecessary stops.

A greener planet

niosense implementation worldwide would result in an annual global reduction of 500 million tons of GHG emissions.

Case study

The case of

A conclusive implementation was carried
out in the city Trois-Rivières.

Why choose niosense

An essential tool for any fleet operator that provides truck traffic management for cities.

An innovative and free solution

niosense offers a unique business model:

  • any vehicle can connect to niosense
  • the service is offered free of charge to cities (no call for tenders and adoption of the system can be done in just a few months)
  • No intervention required by the city when adding new vehicles to the system
  • updates are automatic

A free and open system for cities

niosense differentiates from competition by its ability to integrate all existing traffic-related equipment as well as by its open system accessible to all vehicle data providers .

  • The niosense solution works with no additional on-board hardware and communicates with existing traffic equipment.
  • Truck management algorithms are tailored to each environment, regardless of geometry or traffic management equipment.

An international potential

The system is compatible with most vehicle data providers and the data is augmented by the system, allowing a very high degree of flexibility.

  • niosense uses current international standards and protocols to ensure full compatibility with traffic signals